Guiding Principles


Guiding Principles

Business Mission / Commitment

  • respect each other and human rights
  • best quality overall
  • realization competence
  • proven practices, methods, standards, concepts
  • diversity
  • professionalism
  • consultative
  • innovation focus
  • strong customer orientation
  • healthy growth with solid profits

Providing smart electricity eco-friendly by reducing fossil consumption as much as possible is the biggest goal of the 21st century. The limited global resources have to be used wisely by maximum efficiency. It is a big motivation or inspiration to act sustainable for the next generations.
We reinvest a high stake of our profits into power generating equipment for best, customized EPC solutions. This reflects autonomy and flexibility technical wise and underlines our total customer orientation.
Tailored EPC concepts combined with top quality, outstanding financing solutions including best power station engineering brings electricity into emerging markets fast on grid and reduces poverty.
With the demographic, economic, technical transitions, countries face a range of challenges in optimizing power supply with the available resources.
Nevertheless it becomes more vital that investments in power plants have to be fast track projects, very efficient and sustainable.