Founded in 1967


Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner is the respected founder with outstanding global experience and reliable networks especially in emerging markets.

As an excellent trader and developer he supervises the reorganization to lead the PIAG AG into the 21th century.
To know that the PIAG AG is commercially and technically in great shape gives Mr. Wagner a big motivation. The main goal for Mr. Wagner is to fulfill the special requirements and challenges of every customer or EPC project, in the best manner. A team of experts in combination with Mr. Wagner's advanced knowledge in financing, contracting and purchasing results in solid value.



PIAG in the past and in the future...

The first company was founded in 1967 by Richard Wagner.
Forty five years of unsurpassed experience as developer with international trades plus a unique network and the tradition of German engineering are a perfect business proposition PIAG has to offer to its global customers. The Corporation is straightened on industry standards as per quality management, constant improvement processes, best practices and lean operating principles.

Worldwide engineering in emerging markets is still the focus. PIAG has a solid foundation of reliable, highly professional business partners and is recognized from global players. We are proud that governmental equally private companies accept us as a trustworthy EPC provider. The Corporation is reorganized and very well prepared for current & future challenges, new projects and technical innovations. To the point investment & adjusted EPC projects - PIAG is an independent EPC provider for brand-new as well as for used and refurbished power trains or complete power plants.

The company supplies power generation & auxiliary equipment manufactured by leading international manufacturers featuring an output range between 5 MW and 600 MW of electricity & steam power. PIAG Technik AG provides the full coverage of repair, overhaul, maintenance, refurbish main components, power train and diesel engines.